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The Los Angeles Country Club Customs and Traditions

We are pleased to welcome you to The Los Angeles Country Club. Since 1897, we have established a series of customs and traditions in order to enhance your experience at our Club. We take pride in making every one of our guests feel like a member during your visit with us.

In order to best enjoy your experience, we ask that you please observe the following Club policies:

  • Men's Attire
      • Men’s shirts must have sleeves and collars and must be worn inside one’s trousers.

      • Men’s slacks must be of a tailored nature.

      • Golf attire is acceptable at all times in the Locker Room, Grill Room, Bar and their adjacent patios.

      • After 6:00 p.m., gentlemen are required to wear a jacket in all other areas of the Clubhouse unless otherwise specified for an event.

      • Outside of the Clubhouse, caps are allowed and may only be worn with the bill forward.

  • Women's Attire
      • Women’s shirts and blouses must be worn inside slacks or skirts, unless designed to be worn outside.

      • Women may wear brimmed hats, not golf caps, coordinating with their outfits in the Clubhouse.

      • Women’s slacks must be of a tailored nature and must be ankle length or longer.

      • Skirts must be no shorter than 4” above the knee.

      • Golf attire is acceptable at all times in the Locker Room, Grill Room, Bar and their adjacent patios.

      • After 6:00 p.m., dress, dressy skirt and blouse, suit, tailored pants suit, pants and blazer or evening pants outfit is acceptable following the length guidelines above in all other areas of the Clubhouse unless otherwise specified for an event.

      • Outside of the Clubhouse, caps are allowed and may only be worn with the bill forward.

  • Children's Attire
      • Attire for boys and girls 7 and above is the same as noted above for men and women.

      • Children under the age of 7 must maintain a conservative and modest attire keeping with the Club’s tradition.

  • Tennis Attire

      • Shirt must have sleeves and must have a collar or crew neck.
      • Shirts may not have slogans.
      • Shorts must be tennis shorts.
      • No black soled running shoes are allowed, only non-marking soled tennis shoes.
      • Men’s Tennis clothing does not have to be all white.



      • Tennis shirts or tennis dresses with straps may be sleeveless or collarless.
      • Skirts must be tennis skirts.
      • Women’s tennis warm-ups are permitted with the tennis warm-up pants are worn under the skirt.
      • Women’s tennis clothing does not have to be all white.
  • Unacceptable Attire
    • The following items of attire and actions are unacceptable on the grounds of The Los Angeles Country Club (with the exceptions noted below):

      • Denim fabric of any color and/or kind, including pants, shirts and jackets.
      • Shorts of any kind, including skorts and culottes.
      • Clogs, flip flops or other types of beach shoes.
      • Caps, hats (except as noted above for ladies’ brimmed hats) or visors in all areas of the Clubhouse.
      • Cargo pants, warm-up suits, leggings, jogging and gym attire.
      • Athletic type t-shirts, including jerseys.
      • Apparel containing slogans.
      • Changing shoes in the parking lot.



      Shorts (exercise or Bermuda), athletic type t-shirts and denim pants of any color may be worn from the Parking Lot to the Locker Rooms or from the Locker Rooms to the Parking Lot. These exceptions are made solely to accommodate changing clothes. Loitering in the Locker Room (including card play, TV watching, drinking) while in shorts or denim pants of any color is not permitted.

  • Technology Guidelines
    • To preserve the social and recreational aspects of the Club, the following are
      the Technology Guidelines:

      • The use of cellular telephones and other electronic devices to send, receive or listen to calls or audible messages is not permitted on Club premises, except inside vehicles in the parking lot, in the Professional Center designated by the Board of Directors and in the phone booths located in the Men’s Locker Room.

      • Sending or receiving graphic and/or written messages from electronic devices, such as cellular telephones, computers, personal digital assistant devices (PDA’s), tablets, Blackberries, and the like, is permitted only in the Locker Rooms, in a closed door meeting at the Club for the business of the Club or a committee of the Club or as otherwise authorized by management of the Club, in the Professional Center, and in the parking lot, provided that in all such instances such devices are used in silent mode and no sound is emitted from any such device.

      • Audio-visual equipment may be used at an approved function.

      • Electronic devices may be used on the practice range only as an instructional tool for viewing/recording golf swings.

      • Camera picture-taking is allowed only at private parties held in private areas of the Club (cell phone cameras are not permitted).

      • The possession of electronic devices other than provided above is not allowed on Club premises.

      Please note, if the use of technology is not specifically addressed in this policy, then it is not permitted at the Club. Compliance with this policy is essential to the enjoyment and privacy of the membership. Staff will enforce our technology policy.

  • Payment
      • Please note, while at The Los Angeles Country Club all charges must be billed to the member's account who is hosting the guest. We do not allow guests to charge back to their home club and cash is not accepted, except to pay our caddies.

      • The Los Angeles Country Club does not allow tipping.

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